3) How I Met Your Super Fuzz (Blood Orange Ale)

Blood Orange


I was walking along the aisle of the liquor store and I glanced over to my left. That’s when a really cool looking beer bottle caught my eye. It wasn’t the actual beer but a poster of it with a sale sign. I was about to walk past it but it was as if the hip guy on the label whispered to me and said “try me… I’m a good price” . I stopped my basket and took two steps backwards which was even with the end cap that held the 6 packs of Elysian Super Fuzz Blood Orange Ale.

I grabbed the 6 pack by the box handle and read. “BLOOD ORANGE” is what I uttered. Hmm, I’ve never had a blood orange beer but two things that I am is willing to try something new and willing to save a dollar. So, I couldn’t pass up that price.

Fast forward until later that night. I’m at home and I grabbed a glass as pulled the super fuzz out of the fridge. I tilted the glass and poured the beer. I’m always amazed by random things so the citrus smell along with the beautiful bright color of the beer had me captivated. I took a sip and at that moment I knew that I would be going back to the liquor store to get more of them while they were on sale.



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