We Went To Taste Some Brew At The Coffee House At West End in Houston Tx

We went to The Coffee House At West End In Houston

I took a trip a coffee house. It’s odd because I hate everything about coffee from the look to the taste to the smell but there’s honestly nothing like a good coffee house. The coffee house vibe is just so different, and I will go there and get a cup of water if I have to. Well, I went to the Coffee House at West Lake in Houston Texas, and I loved it. The place is massive for a Coffee House, I think it’s three floors and they also have roof top seating. I ended up getting a Love Tea.

Love Tea- The Coffee House at West End. Houston Texas

It’s a hot tea and it was great. It made me realize that I should stop buying the store brand tea bags at home. Overall, this is a really dope place and I will be back with my computer to do some work there really soon.