35) I Took A Trip Down To Eureka Heights brewery In Houston….

I hit up Euereka Heights in Houston, Texas . This is another brewery that I love. There’s just something about that place that makes me happy. This time around I went with my eyes on one beer and that beer was a sexy spiced strong ale named Baby Cake.

It was a few days before Mardi Gras and I was feeling really festive so I made the drive to the brewery.When I walked in and looked at the fridge, there were only three or four packs left, so I grabbed one. However, just like the other two timesI went to this brewery, I couldn’t just grab one beer and go. They had so many drafts on tap that I ended up putting what I came for back in the fridge and got a beer flight. The flights come in five so I ordered the Baby cakeSwisheeHi Hungry, I’m DadNew Year, New Me and a tequila barrel-aged beer called the Bueno Amigos. 

All of the beer was pretty good, but I am not really a fan of sours so the Swishee wasn’t for me and the Bueno is 12% ABV which is probably 6 % too strong for me but I think everyone should try it.My favorites,in order, of the other beers would be Baby CakeNew Year, New Meis such a brilliant beer. It’s a beautiful hazy beer that I’mdefinitely going back for and the HiHungry, I’m Dad which isdescribed ass a jokey IPA with cashmere hops that I’m also a fan of.After my beer flight I walked in to get my four pack and they were all gone. I was hurt, but I went to asked the bartender, she told me that they had more. My day ended great and I got to drink my Mardi Gras beer a day before actuallygoing to Mardi Gras. Cheers!!

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