Verzuz Battle- What To Sip On While Watching Patti LaBelle Verzuz Gladys Knight

We have history that’s about to be made. I mean, history has already been made, but for someone like myself this is next level.

I don’t know if you’re familiar with the Verzuz battle that happens on Instagram and Apple Music. If not, this is the weekend that you need to get familiar with it and if you are already familiar, you know what’s up.

The series brought us some great musical moments. To be honest, it gave a lot of us something to look forward to during this quarantine and this Sunday is no different. Some of my favorite artists ever, I’m talking about ever as in the history of life, will be gracing us with their presence. The Queens – Gladys Knight and Patti LaBelle – will meet and celebrate each other for their careers with their great musical catalogs.

Words can not explain how excited I am. I will probably unblock my mom and all of my aunts on Instagram and teach them how to access IG live so we can all watch and enjoy this moment together.

OK, with all of that being said, this is a beer website so let’s get to what we should be sipping on. Here are three drinks that you should probably be sipping so you can enjoy the vibes of two of the greatest musical artist in the United States of the world. (Editors note: These aren’t three things to be drinking at once. These are three separate options).

1) Red wine. This battle is full of elegance and grace and nothing says that like whetting your palate with a nice red wine. You can go with chilled white wine also, but this may be a red wine event.

2) A Rose`. Listen, I’m not a Rose` drinker, but that pink glass of beauty will go perfectly with a two step.

3) Beermosa. Again, this is a Sunday morning clean up/brunch type of vibe. Brown or white liquor might be too much. You don’t want to be Millie-rocking (does anybody even Millie rock anymore?) when you hear “Midnight Train To Georgia” and you don’t want to be twerking to “On My Own”. So, if you need something that’s a different vibe from the wine options, check out the Beermosa. If you’ve never heard of it, I have a video of how to make it in the link below.


I would have posted pictures of the wine as a reference, but I only have cheap bottles of wine and I don’t feel like being judged.

I hope you all are ready for a great night. Have fun and hit me up with the hashtag #IDrinkBrew to let me know what you end up sipping on during the Verzuz celebration.

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