Marriage At First Sight Season 11: Random Predictions That Won’t Happen.

This post is inspired by beer.

I am on episode 3 or 4 of married at first sight. This is the episode where the couples are heading out to their honeymoons. I’m enjoying this season so far, but I want to make some predictions that I know for a fact wont happen. However, I’m sure none of us would be surprised if they do.

  1. Woody and Amani: Woody will challenge the group to a dance battle or some kind of strange way we will find out on the season finale that he is a Jabbawockee member.
  2. Bennet and Amelia: This couple will save a stranded pelican and teach it how to cook. I may be off, but these two will definitely save a tree or something and just make the world better in the process.
  3. Karen and Miles: Karen will make Miles cry. There’s nothing wrong with men crying, but I just have a weird feeling that she will definitely make him cry. I hope I’m not judging a book by it’s cover, but I wonder if she really likes him. I also hope he is as good of guy as he seems and that he doesn’t finish last like the rest of us.
  4. Christina and Henry: Ok, it will come out that Henry is a stand up comedian. There’s no damn way possible that a human can be that boring in real life. He has to be putting on a front. We will also find out that Christina carries some kind of souvenir from every country and continent in the world just so that she can always have a reason to talk about how much she travels.
  5. Brett and Olivia: I think it will come out that Brett is married to someone else on the set, like the camera woman and he may or may not have known her name before he married her also.

Couple that will last: Bennet and Amelia

Couple that won’t last: Brett and Olivia

Favorite couple after 4 episodes: Woody and Amani

Couple that I am most Intrigued with: Karen and Miles

My random question about the show. How soon do they take a shit around each other? That seems like it would be such a problem for me. I would shit on myself from being too nervous about the thought of shitting around my new spouse.

I will be back at the end of the season to see how my predictions turned out.

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