Braided River Brewing – I Think I Love You

 Do you believe in love at first sight? I didn’t until I took a trip to Mobile, Alabama a few weeks ago. Well, I can’t say first sight, but I can say love on the first date.

I went to two breweries while I was in Alabama. I didn’t have much time but, as the good book says, if you don’t have time for good new beer then you better make time for it. So, I made time for it. The first brewery was ok. I went there first because that is the one that I was looking forward to the most. I enjoyed it, but I can honestly say that I was looking up directions to the other spot while I was midway through the first beer.

The second spot, aka bae, I didn’t know about outside of a “Breweries in Mobile Alabama” Google search. That brewery is named Braided River Brewing. Braided River is a brown bricked building in Mobile on the corner of St Louis and N. Hamilton streets.

There are some benches outside and when you walk in it isn’t that big. There’s a table and bar seating. I was by myself when I went but the bar was full, so I sat at a table. Ok, I’m moving too fast, let me hit rewind. I went to the bar and they had a sign hanging with all of the available brews. The lady behind the counter was so patient with me as I sat up there and broke the cardinal rule of bar hopping with my “can I get uh Ummm Ummm”. I didn’t feel like getting the recommended IPA. I had just had one at the other brewery and too many regular IPAs make me fart for some odd reason. I asked to try some samples.  I am not usually a fan of sour beer, but pina colada makes my nips tingle and they just happen to have a Pina Colada sour ale on the menu, and I decided to try something new and I am happy I did.

That beer was so good that I decided to get a few to go along with their hazy IPA that was called Hazy Days of Summer. I really enjoyed this brewery and the beer.

I like to rate things on a scale of 1-5 brews with 5 being great.

The beer gets 5 brews

Atmosphere 5 brews

Staff 5 brews.

This was one of my most pleasant brewery experiences and I would suggest that if you’re in or near Mobile, Alabama check this spot out. 

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