International Beer Day

It’s International Beer Day and I’m about to be drunk as Fluck. Look, there’s 2 sets of rules for International beer day – the ones I made up and the real ones. So here’s mine (you can google the other stuff).

1. Go to a bar and you can’t go solo. However, if you do, here’s  where rule 2 comes in.

 2) Treat somebody to a beer, but tell them it has to be something they’ve never tried and you have to do the same. New beer only. The purpose of beer day is to mix and mingle with other beer nerds like yaself .

3) Tip the bartender. Like not those lil shitty $1 tips you leave during happy hour,  but a real tip. That’s it. 

Get drunk, buy a random a beer, leave a tip and give us a shout outOh and tip 4 randomly yell out IDRINK BREW before you walk out the bar. 

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