6) Crown Royal Peach Review (It’s finally here)


I did it. After months of trying to figure out if the rumors were real and if the pictures were photoshopped, I found out for myself that it really exists. Yes, I’m talking about this beautiful bottle of liquor that dropped down from the alcoholic’s sky and into my drunken lap. Crown Royal Peach is here, baby!
So many questions ran through my mind as I finally held the white box in my arms. “Is it better than Crown Apple? Is it better than Crown Vanilla? OMG is it going to actually be better than the big, bad original legend? I also wondered if my excitement for the peach would kind of leave me disappointed as I’ve left so many others that were excited about me (insert face palm emoji).
I cracked open the box and the Crown bag was a beauty, but I couldn’t let that distract me from my mission. I pulled the bottle out of the bag and it felt as if the room lit up. I dropped two ice cubes in the glass and I poured just enough to cover the ice cubes. I didn’t mix it with anything. I wanted all that the pretty brown liquid had to give.


The smell was superb. I even help my glass with my pinky sticking out and gave it a swirl as if I was a professional.
As I put the glass up to my mouth, the peach aroma hit my nose and I smirked because I love peach. That fruit makes me happy.
The taste was just as delightful as the smell. It was now official. The makers of Crown Royal have done it again. Not only did it meet my expectations, but it may have surpassed it.
I am now sitting here staring at half the bottle. I may have to save the rest for an occasion because it’s not on sale in my city yet.
While Crown Royal Peach may not pass up the original or the Apple in my book, I feel like this is my new go to…once I can actually get it. So, if it’s on sale at a liquor store near you, I would suggest that you try it and buy an extra bottle to send me.

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